Early Smiles: what it means to you

March 11, 2011 in News

Many people are still completely shocked that our office offers babysitting in our building during dental visits.  We love explaining to folks that this is a full service, staffed room where they can drop off their kids during their appointment.  Parent’s reaction to this service is even better once they grasp the reality of what we are doing.

Early Smiles started from a string of frustrations in our family and difficulties finding childcare.  In 2009 my lovely wife came home from a routine doctor’s visit with the kids in tow.  Any parent knows that a wait in the waiting room and then a sometimes longer wait in the “small” room with young children will not ever make anyone’s bucket list.  We wanted to make our office different, but we didn’t yet have a strong idea how.  Soon after this incident my wife and I wanted to go out for a date night.  For some reason we really had a hard time finding a babysitter and we almost cancelled dinner and a movie.  We pressed on however, found a sitter and made the movie.  When we walked into this brand new theater in Southlake, Texas we noticed they had a child care room.  This was simply an awesome idea and I knew at that moment that I wanted child care in our new dental office.

 Like most business ventures out there-someone has already done it and I wanted to learn how it worked for them.  While trying to find a dentist that has in-office free babysitting I continually came up with nothing.  Fear starts to creep in at this point. We figured that there must be some big reason why this isn’t offered anywhere-once again we came up with no reason. It was apparent that this was a completely original idea and something extraordinary that we could offer to our patients.

I brought this idea to my dad, Dr Roger Bohannan and he looked at me kind of funny (I thought all chances were gone) and then he came up with the name: Early Smiles.  Dad was in and the project was started!  After a year of enjoying our new office we are thrilled to have free childcare available in our office.  Patients love it and some literally look forward to coming to see us.  Children love playing the Wii, and exploring our jungle-themed room.

Early Smiles is one way we can positively affect your visit to our office.  We feel like we offer the highest quality care available…now you can enjoy it!


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