Making You Feel At Home

July 7, 2010 in News

There is a distinct difference between walking through the front door of your house and stepping into a dental office.  Certain comforts go along with home like warmth, relaxation and safety.  When I go home my guard can go down and I can truly enjoy my environment.  I can kick off my shoes and sit in “MY” chair or couch.  Although there is no substitute for home, we have tried our best to create a home-like feel in our office. While designing the space for our new office we intentionally focused on comfort and warmth. When you first walk in the door at  Bohannan Dentistry you notice an open floor concept.  Long gone are the dividing walls with strange sliding glass windows.  You may also notice the absence of a backdrop shelf stacked with sterile-feeling patient records.  (We tucked ours away in an arch framed closet, out of sight)  When you find a seat there is not a teak-wood “waiting room” seat to be found.  There are no rows of chairs stacked back to back.  Our goal was to create a space that feels like your living room, complete with overstuffed chairs and leather sofas.waiting-room-2

The other comfort our office provides is in the actions and behavior of our staff.  I’ll bet you have never gone over to a friend’s house for dinner and the host yelled out your name from the kitchen when it’s time to come in.  Our staff will greet you with a personal touch, and when it is time for your appointment they will come to you with a personal greeting – inviting you into the office.  We don’t stand at the door and yell your name from a clip board like an order of bacon and eggs at Waffle House.

We will strive to make you feel at home throughout your entire visit – from the moment you enter our office until you leave, we hope you can feel more at home than ever before.  So we are excited to welcome you as a guest in our office, just try to keep your shoes on.

2 Responses to “Making You Feel At Home”

  1. Kathleen Wilson says:

    Being a longtime patient (30+) years, I can honestly say that being in the Bohannon Dentistry office is always a warm, pleasant experience. It’s like visiting old Friends…and I always receive compliments on my “pretty teeth.” They’re Bohannon-grown. =)

    I love the new office — it’s so incredibly comfortable. I almost rue having to get out of the big, overstuffed leather chair when I’m called back into the office!

  2. Wow, your clinic doesn’t even look like a clinic. Hopefully this will put patients (especially those with dental phobia) at ease.

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