Oral Cancer – Why We Check

August 17, 2010 in Dental Education

There are very few things that can happen in your mouth that will threaten your life.  Dental infections and uncontrolled gum disease can make you very sick and lower your quality of life, but your body can heal with proper treatment and care.  Oral cancer, however, is a killer.  Studies have shown that the mortality rate of oral cancer is around 50%.  This number is high due in part to late diagnosis.  Cancer in the mouth is often found in the late stages when symptoms have arisen and the lesion is substantial size.

There are certain risk factors that predispose people to having a higher incidence of oral cancer.  These include regular use of tobacco products and alcohol abuse.  The combination of the two habits increases one’s probability of developing oral cancer significantly.  During the time of a regular exam in our office, we will look for any signs of tissue irregularity or swelling in our patient’s mouths.

Symptoms or signs of oral cancer may be a red or white ulcer like sore that is not healing.  There may also be a bump that forms and cause pain.  Early detection is one of the biggest factors that help people beat oral cancer.  We strongly recommend routine dental exams for many reasons. Oral Cancer Screening

The oral cancer screening is a great way we can combat the mortality rate of oral cancer in this country.  Our office is dedicated to your oral health as well as your overall health – that’s why we check.

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